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Hello,  My name is EJ.

I am a licensed esthetician with over a decade of experience giving facials in Manhattan. For me, giving a facial is like meditating. Having happy clients is a bonus.

All the while I was doing facials I would often come across clients who had small bumps on their cheeks and forehead as well as skin tags around their eyes. I would regret that I couldn’t do anything to these irregularities.

I myself have had problematic skin since my early teens. A ton of freckles, extremely oily skin with blackheads and big pores as well as acne on and off.  As I aged, I noticed small bumps appearing on my cheeks and forehead. This is called Sebaceous Hyperplasia. I also noticed there were skin tags growing around my eyes and broken capillaries around my nose. One day I was shocked to find quite a few Fibromas on my torso. I thought to myself: “What is going on? What next?”.

Unfortunately, visiting the dermatologist’s office isn’t very attractive. Who wants to pay $200~$300 dollars to treat a tiny spot?

I searched for an easy, effective but affordable way and found a perfect treatment for some skin irregularities. And so I trained and became certified in treating these particular skin conditions.

Your minor skin irregularities can be treated very effectively and affordably with minimal discomfort. Treating these skin tags, Cherry Angioma, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, DPN, Fibroma, Milia, Syringoma, Xanthelasma, age spots, sun spots, broken capillaries, giant black heads (and probably close some enlarged pores) and cystic acne makes your skin healthier and younger.

Facials are great but it’s always best to have a facial after you have first treated as many skin irregularities as possible.

I am very excited to provide this service along with facials and waxing.

Hope you will join me.